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  • Toilet Plan 2022 : $75

Toilet Plan 2022 : $75

  • Sun, August 28, 2022
  • Tue, September 06, 2022
  • The Desert
  • 28


  • $75per person

Registration is closed

**There will be 3 compostable Biobank toilets IN CAMP that are reserved for Toilet Plan members.  They will be serviced daily and usually are clean and smell great.***

The closest toilets to camp will be at 2:30 and Cocteau (that's 3 blocks away).  You could be living the lavish life or walking miles per day.  Your choice!

Sometimes you need a plan for the toilet.

So we have toilets and you can join the plan.  

Stalls will be in the campground and available only to plan members.

 "We had similar toilets in 2019 and it was a game changer, highly recommend"

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